McAfee Antivirus Login

What Do You Mean By McAfee Antivirus Login?

Whenever you purchase a McAfee subscription, while going through the activation procedure, it will ask you for the following details (McAfee Antivirus Login):

  1. Firstly, Your McAfee Product Key
  2. Secondly, Your Email Address
  3. And Lastly, A Password

Here, The McAfee Product Key Refers To A Code Which Is Required To Activate McAfee Antivirus. It Is A Unique 25Character Alpha-Numeric Encryption code.

Email Address Can Be The One That You regularly Use, Or You Can Create A New Email Address For Your McAfee Account As Well, In Case If You Wish To Do So.

Password Refers To A Password That You Will Be Using For Your McAfee Account. You Can Set A Different Password Other Than The One That You Use To Login To Your Email Address. They Need Not Be The Same.

Why Is A McAfee Account Important?

In The Process Of Downloading And Installing Your McAfee Antivirus; When You Enter Your Email Address And Password, You Actually End Up Creating A McAfee Account. This McAfee Login Account Is Important And Comes In Handy In The Following Scenarios :-

  • In Case; If You Have Redeemed Your 25 Digit McAfee Activation Code, And No Longer Have Access To It/ Lost It.
  • While Re-installing McAfee Antivirus.
  • While Installing A McAfee Subscription On Multiple Devices.
  • To Send McAfee Antivirus Download Links To Your iOS, Android, Tablets, Or Other Handheld Devices.
  • Turn On/Off McAfee Subscription Auto-Renewal.
  • Check Which Devices Are Currently Protected.
  • To Completely Manage Your McAfee Account.

McAfee Account Login Page

McAfee Antivirus Login
McAfee Antivirus Login Screen

In Order To Access Your McAfee Antivirus Login Page/ McAfee Account, You Need To Visit Once You Visit The Web Address; You Will Land On To A Page Which Would Look Like The Page In The Reference Image Above. From Here; You Can Not Only Login To And Manage Your McAfee Account; But Also Get Access To Several Different Options Such As:-

Forgot Your Password? : This option lets you reset your McAfee account password. Just in case; if you already have an existing McAfee account and have forgotten the password to it;, you can reset your password by simply clicking on this option and following the instructions thereafter.

Forgot Your Email Address? : This option helps you to regain access to your existing McAfee account just in case; if you have forgotten the email address with which you had registered your McAfee Account; this option can come in handy.

New Email Address? : Just in case; if you want to register a new email address, you can do that by clicking on this option.

Privacy Policy : By clicking on this option, you can go through the complete privacy policy by McAfee.

Common FAQs : The Common FAQs section contains a number of frequently asked questions by it’s users about the various McAfee products and services.

Unsubscribe : This option comes in handy in case; if you have been receiving frequent promotional emails from McAfee And Want To Get Rid Of It.

Alternatively, if you are a new user to McAfee, or if you do not have a McAfee Account; you can click on the Red Button On The Right Hand Side Of The Screen Which Says “Register Now”.